Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby Shower Madness!

The Countdown to Baby C!

Today is November 10th which means...BABY SHOWER TIME! I am going to be an aunt in 5 short weeks and I am beyond excited! My brother and his wife are expecting Baby C on December 13th.

I have always been drawn to children and babies melt my heart- but I was sitting at work on Friday and my sister- who is also pregnant, sent me a video of her baby's heartbeat via home baby doppler. I felt like I could cry and I realized that when you have someone like a brother, sister, etc. having a baby it's 10x more awesome than any other baby. This was some huge revelation to me for some reason lol. I didn't know I could be so excited and love someone so much that I've never met yet! GET OUT HERE ALREADY!

Anyways! This post is going to be dedicated to Baby #1's baby shower. 
To prepare for this shower we delegated the work up among my mom, myself, my sister, and my aunt. 

The mommy to be!

Step 1.
My sister and I set out to Pat Catan's and got tons of cute things- Pink streamer, baby shower confetti, tissue paper balls, a pin for the mom to be, snack bags with twist ties, pink chocolate, pretzel rods, and a baby shower banner. 

Step 2.
We had to find the gifts to give out for the game winner prizes. My mom, sister, and I ended up finding an Aromatique brand set of 4 candles and it came with 4 little gift boxes to match each candle. We only needed 3 but I needed a gift for my friend's new house so I used the 4th for her! (see haileetay.blogspot.com)  It worked out perfectly! The candles are from Sam's Club and they smell amazing.

Step 3.
The day before I popped the popcorn for the snack bags so it would be fresh for the party. The snack bags were a mix of candy corn, m&m's, peanuts, and popcorn. I also prepared the pretzels the day before. I bought pink vanilla chocolate wafers at Pat Catan's and some tiny white sprinkles and went to town. 

Disclaimer: If you purchase these chocolate wafers do not expect them to melt into a runny consistency. It only gets to about the consistency of frosting. My sister was making chocolate covered strawberries and burnt her chocolate because she tried to heat it up to make it runnier! (See the How To at the end of this post!)

Step 4:
Decorate! We held the shower at my parent's house so I made my way over there bright and early that day. My dad was hard at work setting up the bassinet my mom and sister got her, my mom was getting the food together, and I was setting up the decorations!

The desert table (before my aunt showed up with the cupcakes! See below!)

The Mom To Be's gift opening seat!

No helium =  balloon fail! They just kinda sat around. Still cute I suppose :)
The gift that I got her- such a cute bag! "Hello Little One" -From Target
Cupcakes from Sam's Club!
The topper from the cupcakes- So cute!

Fruit punch, 7Up, and Orange Sorbet- delicious!

Prizes & Games

My sister-in-law has a huge family and a ton of friends, so having said that..she is pretty much over the super long showers and all of the trademark baby shower games. So we focused this day on mingling and just having a good time. However, we did do one game! Everyone ripped off the length of pink streamer that they thought would wrap around my sister-in-law's belly! It was really fun and simple!

We asked everyone to fill out their address on a pink envelope for thank you cards and Kim pulled two envelopes out of the stack and those two names received the other two prizes! Super simple and our guests did not seem to mind at all!

My cousin KayKay- modeling her winning streamer!

My grandma getting her measurement ready! She's the cutest



My sister-in-law, grandma, mom, me, and sister. They're my people.



My sister, best friend, and mommy to be

My cousin Kayla 

Overall: Baby #1's shower was a complete success, stress-free, and a great time with friends and family! I couldn't ask for better people to fill my life. Very blessed and thankful, I am! 

Comment or contact me with any questions! :)

xoxo, Bethany

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