Thursday, September 5, 2013

Long Time, No Blog

Luckily I remembered my login for this blog that I had such high hopes for MID student teaching. Anyone but me could have guessed how that would turn out- I struggled to get ahead in lesson plans at that time let alone blog! But, I am an overly optimistic girl at times, and that was one of them! 

But a good...who am I kidding, best friend of mine has inspired me to get back at it as she just created a blog of her own! Yay! (check her out at!) 


Last time we talked I was setting out on my long student teaching journey and I planned to turn this into an online portfolio. Instead, I plan on turning it into an everything blog. 

How did student teaching go you ask? It was an ultimate success. I have never learned so much from pure experience before in my life. The students touched my heart and reassured me that I am in the field I want to be in. I made wonderful friends and colleagues and was placed in an amazing school system that I would be honored to work in someday. 

Summer came and is slowly leaving. I didn't really feel like it was ever truly summer because, as always, I was so busy. Between working and weddings- LOTS of weddings, it all kinda slipped through my fingers! It was great none-the-less. Being in three weddings and attending multiple others has given me wedding-fever, so needless to say I'm ready for fall to start so I can move right along to fall-fever (my favorite season of the year). 

Luckily, I have landed myself a job in the field that I studied for. I am officially the head Preschool Teacher at Playland Daycare Ltd. Today was my 6th day and I am already attached to each little tots I have the pleasure of working with. And coming with the territory, I have also already been sick!! The girls on the staff are all really awesome, so I am excited for what the year holds. I can't deny that getting into the swing and routine of teaching a class by myself comes with challenges. But I don't doubt that with a little determination I will get it figured out!

My boyfriend's 4 year old son started his second year of preschool just yesterday and his rapid growth has been blowing my mind lately! Chris and I started dating when little Mason was only 2 years old. He is now 4 and not so little! I have LOVED watching him grow and change. Yesterday, he took it upon himself to teach me a few things about golf while we were out at the course. After over-shooting a hole, he reassuringly grabbed his club, walked over to me and handed me a ball and said, "here, try again- just not so far this time, alright?" It doesn't seem like much, but what a change from the bossy little mumbles that he used to yell at me. My heart melted a little bit! 

So to wrap things up, I have been nothing less than blessed the past few months!

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