Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Blogging Novice!

I am setting out on the journey to make a teaching blog! With a lot of help from Google, I'm sure I'll get there. I've already ran into some awesome discoveries... you have to pay for designs!? Hopefully I have a knack for DIY because student teaching results in a severe income deficit!

I plan to use this as a tool to share my student teaching experience with others. I also plan to mold this blog into an online portfolio for future employers and fellow future teachers. While this is all very new to me, I have high hopes and an awesome plan laid out in my mind!

Now - a little about myself:

As you can see I am currently student teaching! I have been an Assistant Cheerleading Coach for two years at the High School level. Along with coaching, I also am a Tanning Salon Attendant/Operator. Previously, I taught gymnastics for young children from age two up to twelve years old at the Rec Center in town. Under the same employment I was a Tot-Watch child caregiver.

My Family

One of my cheerleaders and I :)

My handsome other half <3

Team Caprara (my brother and uncle) after finishing The Revolution 3 Half Iron Man Triathlon as a Relay Team! 

My Methods family- The people I sat with hours on end everyday for an entire semester! I learned to love them all so much!

Raising our youth has been my passion and lifelong goal since I was a child myself. I have been blessed with such a loving and supportive family, boyfriend, and peer group that have never failed to provide me with motivation and encouragement along the way.

With just a few short months left in this four year sprint (or was it marathon?) to become a teacher, I have grown so much and made so many lifelong friends. Teaching is definitely a field that inspires and grows you. In the stride to teach others, be it content or character, it is inevitable that you take a little something from it as well.

To a successful student teaching- Let the blogging begin!


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