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'Tis the Season- On a Budget!

With Christmas RIGHT around the corner, I have been a spending queen! Mostly on items to prepare me for the holidays! 
I have some rather serious retail issues- but who's keeping track!? My plan for this blog will be to share with you any awesome finds I come across because even more than I love shopping, I love finding amazing things at great prices! With Chris working in retail I know all the ins and outs, so I hope to share some of them with all of you.

This post will cover my most recent purchases from Pat Catans, local craft shows, Target (of course), JC Penny, K&K Home Furnishings, and Meijer. I will do my best to add the prices of each item as well. :)

$1 a piece - From the Dollar Spot

Some goodies for Baby Shower treat bags I will be making!

SUPER cheap shirts for little man- LOVE Clearance!

$1.50 for three of the shirts and $2.40 for one of them

Some cute little decorative pieces- $2 each in the Seasonal section

Penguin Advent Calendar to use at school with my Preschoolers! - $1 in the Dollar Spot

These next two images flip when I upload them and I cannot figure out why? But anyways-

This is probably the most amazing deal I've gotten recently. It is a Christmas gift I got for Chris for this year- and XBox Remote, Controller, Chord, and XBox Live Gold Membership Subscription- 70% OFF- Purchased for $22.99...Amazing!

Fall Blessings Countertop Decor- $0.99

Rudolph Throw Rug for outside our door - $6.99

Pat Catan's

10 oz. bag of Pretzel Rods- $1.97
14 oz. bag of Pink Vanilla Chocolates-$2.27
White Sprinkles- $1.97

These will be used to make pink chocolate dipped pretzel rods as a snack at my sister-in-law's baby shower!

Again- I'm sorry it's upside down. But these are some more Baby Shower items-
Pink striped paper straws-$2.39
Baby Shower Banner- $3.97
It's A Girl Pink Balloons- $1.77
Mom to be Pin- $3.47
Baby Shower Confetti- $1.17  a piece
(not pictures) 25 Treat Bags and twist ties- $1.77

Angry Birds Countdown to Christmas Calendar- $2.49
This was an awesome find in the checkout aisle- Little man is going to love this! For each day of December there is a numbered square cardboard pop out, only to reveal a milk chocolate candy! So cute


All of the following items were purchased this past summer in one of their annual tent sales- all items inside were 50% off the lowest marked prices. The marked prices were already marked down extremely low so you can only imagine how cheap these were.

Seriously how cute is this little guy? 

Sparkly silver decor - $3

$1 a piece



Holiday Craft Show

FREE- I got this candy bar with a hat and scarf for a wine bottle as a door prize at one of the holiday craft shows I went to with my mom and sister! My sister won a door prize as well- How cute is it?

FREE- This little guy is actually only about as tall as your middle finger. But he was part of the door prize as well.
$2 -My sister-in-law and her mom have their own craft shop that they sell all kinds of great inexpensive decor at. She had a stand at the craft show we went to so I grabbed one of these while she still had some left! 

$2 -I grabbed a snowman one as well!

While we were browsing, my mom being the sweet and thoughtful woman she is- bought one of these OSU snowman gourd ornaments for my sister, my sister-in-law, and myself. It's a small gesture, but it's the smallest things that mean the most to me. I will always remember this ornament as a gift from my mama and remember the great times we always have at our craft shows! :)

Snagged this cute reindeer for $16! I thought that was an amazing deal. It's handmade, which means the woman who made it could have marked it up as high as she'd like- but I thought this was a very reasonable price and he is a perfect little night light for our living room until the tree takes it's place.
(P.S. My sister got the same one in a lighter wood and colored lights)

JC Penny

More Clothes for little man!
Angry Birds Star Wars Tee
Monsters University Tee
both for $2.97
Gym shorts and Fashion shorts
borth for $3.97

I hope you enjoyed all of my great finds! Feel free to contact me with any questions you have :)

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