We've got one shot at this life. But if you do it right- Once is enough.

One Saturday morning, sitting on an hour long bus ride to a JV Football game, I realized that I really should have brought a book with me, but I didn't. I didn't want to use my phone that much because I didn't want it to die before I got back in town.  So I got to thinking and as I did the reality started to set in...It's not very often that I stop. Phone down. Nothing to do. Just me  myself and I. And at first it was kind of unsettling because it's not something I am overly familiar with anymore with the crazy busy life I lead. 

But how I thank God that I forgot a book this day and was face to face with no one but myself. 

I asked myself questions that I have frequently asked myself my entire life- Are you happy? Are you doing everything you can do to be the person you want to be? Are you giving 100% on a day to day basis? And as I asked myself all of these questions it hit me that I am lacking in my own standards that I have always set for myself. 

I opened up the Note app on my phone and I decided that I wanted to write myself a note so that later that day or the next day I wouldn't forget the way I was feeling in that moment. I wanted to encourage myself to fulfill the standards that have been set for myself by myself since day one. And I am glad I did because I have referred to that note many times since that day.

While I am not going to post what it said word for word, just know that it went something along the lines of understanding the cold hard truth that we are on this earth one and only one time. We have ONE chance to get it right and each day is time on a clock that is ticking that we will never get back. I told myself that while I don't know why and that sometimes I may not get immediate gratification, it is important that I do my best in everything I do because I owe it to myself to do so. Not to mention everyone who has instilled that same belief into me. I told myself to be nothing but myself, keep a positive attitude despite any negativity I get exposed to, and that I will at the end of the day had met my standards.

Since then, I have improved on that. I am not perfect, and I can't even talk myself into believing all of that to be true all the time. But with the constant voice and reminder in my head, it definitely helps and carries me throughout life.

While sitting on that cold school bus I also thought back to a day when my uncle who was home visiting from Florida texted me. He said he left a book for me at my brother's house that he thought I would like.... The book was simply titled "IMPOSSIBLE". It was written for all the people out there who think they are different. Who think they have it in them to do impossible and great things in their life. The fact that he bought that book and gave it to me speaks multitudes. We have never gotten to speak about the book with each other, but I felt like he must really believe in me. It means even more coming from my uncle. A man who is pretty much the textbook definition of impossible. He started from the bottom and built himself up into a very large name with a very successful career. He leads a very successful life in an amazing home. He wasn't born into money or granted anything. He worked hard to get where he is. He has run countless full marathons, multiple Boston marathons (qualifies and will be running this year), triathlons, half-Ironman triathlons, long distance bike races, and I recently watched him complete his first Full Ironman in Panama Florida- If you don't know, that's 2.4 mi swim, 112 mi bike, and a 26 mile run- all in one day. He finished and he didn't stop one time during the race. He, my brother and myself completed a half-Ironman relay race in September 2012.  Oh....and he's 59. So the fact that he gave me that book felt a little like someone believed in me a little more than I believed in myself.

I know you're wondering, "What does this have to do with fitness?" 
That's when I decided, enough is enough: 

My first move-
I got myself a personal trainer.

But I would have to say, that was probably one of my best decisions so far.
My trainer (Tim Dorsey) is very good at what he does and I started seeing results with him pretty much immediately. 
It's crazy how much more confidence you have and how much better you feel when you take care of yourself.

I have been
1. Clean Eating 
2. Getting my butt handed to me Mon, Wed, and Fri by Tim Dorsey
3. Staying Active every day

Check out my trainer's facebook to see all of the crazy work he has done!

Long story short:
If you're feeling like you aren't where you want to be. It's never too late to give yourself a kick in the butt and realize it's time to live up to your own standards!

Respect the ONE life you've been given!

xoxo- Bethany

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