Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Fitness Journey

A Compilation Post: My fitness journey, goals, strengths, weaknesses, and upcoming plans!


Almost 5 months into my new lifestyle and I am learning something new everyday....

If there could be just one small ten item list of what I have learned so far it might look something like this.

1. Being healthy is a lifestyle.
    You want to look good for bikini season? Sounds Good! You want to fit into your old jeans? Okay! But if you're going to get healthy it needs to be a lifestyle. There's no 21 day fix to being unhealthy. 

2. It takes time to create a new lifestyle.
     I am learning new things every day about having a healthy lifestyle. Its not always easy to say no to unhealthy things, and to be honest, a lot of the time I don't say no. But that goes without saying, the consequences follow. It takes awhile and for me it has taken research and a lot of questions to figure it out and I am still learning. In order for it to be permanent you have to be happy with it or have an extreme amount of will power. So you have to make it right for yourself. 

3. It takes a LOT more time to improve than it does to backtrack.
    I have found that there is a reason you have to do things the right way- no excuses. Because if you don't, the weeks it took you to get somewhere will only take days to reverse. Do it right and don't waste your time (I need to remind myself of this)

4. Having support and people working towards the same thing is a blessing.
     As you know, I have a personal trainer. I also attend several of his circuit training classes each week. Through these workouts I have met so many awesome people. Knowing that we are all there working towards the same goal is such a great feeling. It's something you have to experience to understand, but it's one of the truest forms of motivation. 

5. Half ass work will get you half ass results, at best.
    This isn't a 5 page report, this is your life. If you're going to put in piss poor effort you are only hurting yourself and essentially wasting your time. A little hard work never hurt anybody. But at the end of the day, you only get out of something what you put into it. My trainer always makes it a point to tell us this and make sure we are giving 100% effort.

6. You are capable of much more than you give yourself credit for.
     You may not be where you want to be. But if you work hard, maybe not tomorrow, but eventually you will get better. And if you keep it at, imagine how much you can improve. I am much more capable of certain workouts than I was to start, and now that I have seen improvement, I know that there is more to improve on. Set big goals then work hard to get there. It will happen.

7. Don't take advantage of healthy foods and nonfat labels
     STRUGGLE CITY! You mean these reduced fat cheez-its add up after you eat the whole box? That's weird...

8. Staying Positive is a lifestyle
      Having a positive attitude is not only mentally life changing, but physically. You are literally not going to get as much out of anything in life with a negative attitude as you will with a positive one. Keep your head up and keep working.

9. Healthy lifestyles don't just look good on you but they feel good too.
    When I started eating healthier and getting active it was amazing the things I didn't realize were encompassed in this kind of lifestyle. You mean that not every meal shouldn't make me sleepy with a stomach ache? The foods you eat should make you feel better not worse. That's our energy source, and if it's not doing it's job then you're not doing something right.

10. JUST. KEEP. MOVING. -Tim Dorsey
       It really is just as simple as that. 

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